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Project Management

MSK gives project managers the ability to bring in every project on schedule and within budget with easy-to-use tools whether in the office, on the road, or at a job site. With centralized, critical, real-time information and job cost tracking tools, project managers can

  • Save time and cut costs
  • Increase control and minimize risk
  • Maximize efficiency and productivity
  • Better execute projects for maximum profitability
  • Gain insight for confident decisions

Operational Efficiency

With MSK, everyone works from the same data on the same platform. But they see it in different ways. Each person logs into their own role-based portal with custom permissions that let them access, enter or print just the information they need, in language that makes sense to them.


The Project Dashboard page provides a useful “dashboard overview” of the current status of the projects. By viewing MSK’s unique dashboard chart, any user can quickly see that status of key items on a project. Requests-for-Information (RFIs), change orders, …etc. With MSK Solutions, you will have all of the tools that you need to manage your projects, from bid to completion. Integration with the MSK modules allows you and your project managers to access critical details related to the customer, inventory, equipment,. .etc to make profitable decisions using real-time information. Display the Key Performance Indicators you want on the dashboard.


MSK construction project management Solution offers the ability to report on portfolio-wide data, or to drill down and view the details of individual project data. MSK has robust action logging so that users can report on exactly who has done what in the system. You’ll always be able to see the most recent actions taken as part of the construction project management process. With MSK you will be able to integrate data from multiple sources and across all MSK modules, create easy to read graphs, standardize data across your organization and report on trends – all without slowing down your operating system.

BI-lingual Interface

As construction projects get larger, so do project teams. MSK allows your company to work with the most talented engineers, consultants, vendors, subcontractors and project managers, regardless of what language they prefer to work in.

  • MSK’s user interface can be set to display in any two languages ” Arabic, English, Latin American Spanish, Italian, France, German …etc”.
  • Language preferences can be set at the user level.
  • Makes collaboration easier for international project teams.


MSK is comprised of over 17 different, fully-integrated modules to help you manage all areas of your contracting business. All of our products have been developed and enhanced in-house which ensures true integration, and no matter what part of MSK you are in, everything will work together seamlessly.


The MSK core system has been built and developed for over three years. This means stability and security that you can trust to run your business operations. To stay on the cutting-edge of technology, most of our modules are based on Oracle programming language with SQL relational database. Our Research & Development team works to ensure that your investment in MSK Construction Solutions is always protected. We are continually looking for new ways to improve our products in terms of ease of use, intuitive graphical interface, as well as researching and utilizing new technologies.